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Tobago: Jewel of the Caribbean


Oldest Rainforest Reserve in Western Hemisphere

Tobago boasts the oldest Rainforest Reserve in Western Hemisphere 1776. The Main Ridge of Tobago regarded by some as the most pristine Amazonian Rainforest outside of the South American Continent.


120km of quiet coves, lagoons, mangroves and coral reefs frequented by manta rays and spinner dolphins and leatherback turtles.

Slow Pace of Life

With no big chain hotels or restaurants, village life still abounds in Tobago. Villagers still "pull seine" with their neighbors where they pull in the fish nets and share the bounty. 

Hollywood History

Walt Disney's Swiss Family Robinson was filmed here in 1960. Rita Hayworth, Robert Mitchum and other 1950s Hollywood film stars frequented Tobago's shores.

Rich History

Fought over by the French, Dutch and British, Tobago's early history is one of change and conflict. The island switched hands more than 30 times between the 16th and 19th centuries, a period that saw its economy strengthen with the export of rum, sugar and cotton.

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